Current status is ongoing with over 350 pages and hundreds of photos and graphics, many not seen before.

On-going problems in accessing various items to bring the book to a conclusion is the reason for the delay in publishing.

For all BEACH BOYS fans, the book contains over 50 pages detailing the birth of the group and the REAL events surrounding the band’s first single – Surfin b/w Luau on Candix.

Many of these facts will be making their appearance for the FIRST time and will change the current perception surrounding the birth of the group.

Likewise, full in-depth stories on THE FROGMEN – the label’s ONLY national Top 40 hit group – and the Scott Engel (Scott Walker of The Walker Brothers) contrived MOONGOONERS are also featured, while hitherto unknown information on many facets of the label, the various individuals involved and the artists themselves will be found in the completed tome.

It has been 54 years since the label closed its doors with most, if not all, of the principals involved now no longer with us.

Stay stuned …


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