The book is still progressing slowly. Well, in fact, it is written, but I am still adding bits and pieces, making corrections and still trying to figure out certain events, etc.

In fact, writing this book is like turning over a rock. You simply do not know know what you will find!

I have nonetheless been able to quash a number of misconceptions about the label, in particular the derivation of the name C-A-N-D-I-X.

At this point, ALL the published FACTS and THEORIES of how the name was conceived have been proved wrong!

Progress on the book has also been slow due to the fact that record singles needed to clarify certain facts and events have been extremely hard to find – and these have NOT been Candix singles!!! Unfortunately, the book will NOT be available until these are located and documented.

As I state in the book’s introduction, the book is just not about Candix, but is in fact about all those involved with the label, from staff to artists to associates. This aspect of the book has provided the more interesting facts and by including this information, THE CANDIX STORY takes on an entirely new¬†dimension.


THE CANDIX STORY is now available as an E-book for $US8.95 via