My current project is documenting the story of Candix Enterprises, Inc., a Hollywood, California based record label that operated for two years beginning in September 1960.

Candix is most well-known for being the record label responsible for releasing the “Beach Boys”‘ first single Surfin’ b/w Luau  and this new book will go into great detail concerning this and in the process present material that this author only more recently unearthed for the book The Beach Boys 1961-1963: Inception And Conception (EDITION THREE) which altered the up until then accepted birth of the “Beach Boys.”

However, THE CANDIX STORY: HOLLYWOOD HITS AND MISSES is much more and delves into the machinations behind the label’s hits and misses and why the label eventually folded; why there was no follow-up single by the “Beach Boys” and lots, lots more; the stories and facts all based on first person interviews (and others) undertaken by the author.

Stay tuned ……..