I have been reliably informed that Gary Usher at least gets a mention in the BECOMING THE BEACH BOYS book – as he indeed should. I do have the BECOMING THE BEACH BOYS book and DVD of LOVE AND MERCY on order and will report the true facts – without prejudice – as soon as I have them at hand. As regards the film, I was not prepared to pay the price of admission for something that I have been told is only part fact with a great deal of fiction …. as usual.

Likewise, unfortunately most authors of Beach Boys books and related material never see the broader picture, concentrating as they have always done on the subject with a very blinkered view. As an author that has covered numerous aspects pertaining to the “surf music” world, I have been fortunate to be able to see “in perspective” various facets of all  the topics I have covered, aware that one often influences the other in more ways than most people realise.

As Gary Usher’s official biographer, I hope to be able to bring this “ability” into play in reviewing and examining both REMEMBERING THE BEACH BOYS and LOVE AND MERCY as far as Gary Usher is concerned.

Stay tuned!!


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