California Sounds…

Lets get this started…

19 of my books are available via Payhip.

The aim of this blog is for me to keep you all informed of any current developments and if required, to provide some insights that I have experienced over the past 35 years. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I would really like to get involved in the conversation – so fire away!


Stephen McParland


2 thoughts on “California Sounds…

  1. Stephen, glad to see you have many of your books available again. Glad I have the original books, but glad I can get them to read on my iPad. Looking forward to diving into the updates in your Gary Usher biography!


  2. Thanks Ron. You have been a great supporter of my books over the years and via your Gary Usher website have managed to successfully keep alive the musical legacy of Gary Usher, an individual whose musical efforts have been often under-appreciated. He WAS the creator of “The California Sound” alongside Brian Wilson.


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