Recently, it has come to my attention that the 1963 Gary Usher-Brian Wilson composition Lori was actually released on record.

The tune is included on THE EASTERNERS’ 1964 ALBUM KAPPA SIGMA SING ALONG released by L-J Records, a Challenge Records subsidiary.

The full story (and a chance to hear the tune) can be found in the first issue of CALIFORNIA MUSIC E-MAGAZINE available for download from:




cmem pages 1&2

After 23 years, this popular magazine is once again available as an E-Magazine.

First issue covers the recently “discovered” 1963 Gary Usher-Brian Wilson composition Lori which was recorded and officially released on the 1964 album KAPPA SIGMA SING ALONG by THE EASTERNERS.

The opportunity to hear the song in question is also contained within the magazine.

This is also a “PRINT YOUR OWN MAGAZINE” as the PDF file is unlocked.

The E-Magazine is available for download from:



reunion cover


PART ONE is taken from a film commissioned by CMUSIC, but never used.

The cinematographer was the late Dick Campbell, another figure in the musical career of Gary Usher.

Usher and Campbell worked together extensively during the early seventies, writing an assortment of tunes encompassing varied subject matter and musical styles.

In PART ONE you will see Usher and his “Troops” joking amongst themselves before they launch into an impromptu live version of Younger Girl.

“Live?” queries Usher. “We were never that good!”

This performance of Younger Girl is followed by a jam session in which Usher, Burns, Edwards, Weiser and McCarthy attempt to wail on a version of The Champs’ Tequila.

 PART TWO encompasses a home movie filmed by Stephen McParland that captures much of the same event.

This is preceded by some footage of the Usher family and the now demolished Usher homestead of El Rancho De Paz nestled between Woodland Hills and the Malibu hinterland.


All footage filmed (1981) on Super 8mm and transferred digitally in 2004.

PART ONE is sound.

PART TWO has a dubbed soundtrack.

Running time is approximately 14 minutes.

© 1981 & 2006 CMUSIC ARCHIVES

To download your copy of the REUNION, go to:



wilson project illuminated edition cover jpeg


190 PAGES + 300 IMAGES

THE WILSON PROJECT focuses on a 12 month period – 1986-87 – when Beach Boy BRIAN WILSON was being reintroduced to contemporary music.  Brought in to help was longtime friend and “legend” of the California music scene GARY USHER.

THE WILSON PROJECT is about the interaction, the creative outpourings and the problems faced by Usher as he struggled to produce a foundation upon which was eventually built the first solo longplayer of the mainstay Beach Boy. These problems centered around one individual in particular – DR. EUGENE LANDY – whose Svengali-like influence over Wilson shocked and worried Usher.

THE WILSON PROJECT exposes the total control exercised by “the good doctor” over his patient. It also documents the battles that ensued for Wilson’s well-being and musical soul. It is a story that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that FACT is STRANGER than FICTION.

Twenty-seven years have passed since I first published this book.
It was out of print for some time before French based publisher Les Edition Berlot re-published THE WILSON PROJECT TAPES 1-10 as THE WILSON PROJECT – 2013 EDITION in March 2013.
This book is still currently available direct from Amazon.
Over the past few years I have received quite a number of enquiries regarding an E-Book edition of THE WILSON PROJECT.
As an E-Book option was not part of my publishing contract with Les Editions Berlot, I have decided to produce an E-Book edition of THE WILSON PROJECT myself.
This E-Book edition contains all the material featured within the Les Editions Berlot “book”, plus whatever other information and materials I have been able to unearth concerning “THE WILSON PROJECT” period, some of which was not included in any previous “book” editions.
This new E-Book edition is more or less in two parts; the first section containing the “story” component of the book and the second section, titled “COLLECTION OF MATERIAL”, containing all the memorabilia divided into fourteen separate categories.
There are: Original Usher Polaroids; Relevant Record & CD Releases; Unofficial Releases; Odds ‘N’ Ends; Official Documents; Cassettes Received; Lyrics; Some Usher Notes; Some Letters Received; Some Articles Received; Reviews; The Various Editions; Some Promotional Items and LOVE & MERCY Versus Fantasy Or Reality.
I trust this E-Book edition – titled THE WILSON PROJECT – THE ILLUMINATED EDITION – will find an equally receptive audience.


or the direct URL:




Due to demand, I have decided to publish my June 2001 book BULL SESSIONS WITH THE BIG DADDY in ebook form.

In doing so, I have greatly enlarged the book from 120 pages to 340 and in the process allocated the contents the new overall title of SURF & HOT-ROD MUSIC CHRONICLES.

The enlargement from 120 to 340 pages has been accomplished by the addition of over 3000 new images gathered from a variety of sources, as well as an enormous amount of new biographical and discographical facts.

This additional information replaces (and incorporates) the 332 “Discographical And Biographical Notes” notes that were included at the back of the original book.

As regard the newly added images, this material includes photos, record labels, record covers, radio station charts, trade advertisements, reviews and articles, all of which greatly enhance the calibre of the book and will hopefully provide the reader with additional enjoyment.

The price is only $6.95 and the book is available now from:


or the direct URL is


The book contains interviews with the following individuals. A list of some of the topics covered (and associated individuals) has also been included:


Hial King And The Newports, Mike Adams And The Red Jackets, The Dragons, The Jesters, Farm, THE INNERMOST LIMITS OF PURE FUN, BIG WEDNESDAY, The Blue Notes


WILD WHEELS, The Saturday Revue, Gypsy Boots, Harley Hatcher, The Pewter Pals, Mike Curb, SKATERDATER, Sidewalk Productions, THE WILD ANGELS, The Hogs/Chocolate Watchband, DEVILS ANGELS, BORN LOSERS, THE GLORY STOMPERS, THE ANGRY BREED, THE HELLCATS, CYCLE SAVAGES, THE HARD RIDE, The Persuaders, Terry Melcher, Bobby Fuller And The Fanatics


The Frogmen, The Royal Impalas, Joe Saraceno, Candix Enterprises, Russ Regan


The Royale Monarchs, The Forte Four, Gary Usher, Keith Allison, Six The Hard Way, Chuck Girard, Chuck & Joe


Gary Zekley, Yellow Balloon-The Yellow Balloon, The In-Crowd, Snuff Garrett, Don Grady-Don Agrati, Mike Curb, Buzz Cason, Hanna Barbera Records (HBR), The Blossoms, Jean King, The Wellingtons, Shindig!, The Shindogs, Paul Frees, Danny Hamilton, Brian Wilson-Heroes And Villains, Curt Boettcher, Glen Campbell, THE HARD RIDE, Joe Saraceno


The Rituals, P.J. Proby, Nick Venet, Mike Curb, Pat & Lolly Vegas, The Sharks, Derry Weaver, The Gamblers, The Montereys, Marshall Lieb, Doug Salma, Gary Paxton, John Ashley. B. Bumble And The Stingers, Sandy Nelson, Aki Aleong And The Nobles, The Alpines, The Rangers, The Snow Men, The Original Dartells, The Murmaids, Terry Fischer, Judy Lovejoy, Chattahoochee Records, Conte Records, Ronny And The Daytonas, The Crescents, Bobby Fuller, Dick Dale, Lloyd Thaxton, Honk, Surf Music/Hot-Rod Music


The Marketts, The Routers, Billy Joe And The Checkmates, Joe Saraceno, Rene Hall, The Du-Kanes, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits-Out Of Limits, The Dee Jayes, Candix Enterprises


The Tactics, Beach Boys, The Avantis, Judd Hamilton, Pat & Lolly Vegas, The T-Bones, Ronny & The Daytonas, The Brothers, Hamilton Joe Frank And Reynolds, Ginger Blake, Shindig!


The Renegades, Mike Adams And The Red Jackets, The Snow Men, The Rangers, The Alpines, Kim Fowley, Murry Wilson, The Sunrays, Grand Prix-Tax Shindo, Hial King, Denny Rockwell, Don Ralke, Dennis Dragon, The Dragons, Joy, A SEA FOR YOURSELF, The Protein Brothers, Blue Pacific, The First International Surfer’s Stomp, Brian Wilson, Soulful Old Man Sunshine, The Honeys


Gary Paxton, Buzz Cason, Gary Lewis, Leon Russell, Yellow Balloon-The Yellow Balloon


Danny Hamilton, The Safaris, Carol Connors, Brian Wilson, Nick Venet, Sharon Marie, Vicki Kocher, Dave And The Marksmen, The Westwoods, Jerry Capehart, Ginger And The Snaps, Dean Torrence-Laughing Gravy, Ron Wilson (Columbia)


Sean And The Brandywines, Gary Usher, The Bagdads, Dick Monda, The Badd Boys, Houston Fearless


Beach Boys, Adrian Baker, Mike Love, Gary Usher, The Sheriff Of Noddingham, Dave And The Marksmen, The Band With No Name, The Band Without A Name, A&M Records-Warner Bros Records, Matthew Moore, The Moon, Mike Curb, John Maus, Richie Podolor, John And Judy, The Sunrays, The Malibooz


Arwin Records, Columbia Records, Bruce Johnston, Emil O’Connor, The Rip Chords, Terry Day, Jack Nitzsche, Frankie Laine, Eddie Hodges, The Hot Doggers, T.M. Music-T.M. Productions, Bobby Darin, Phil Spector, Jackie DeShannon, Gary Usher, Jan Berry, Bruce And Terry, The Rogues, Wayne Newton, Unreleased Recording Sessions 1965, Doris Day, The Osmonds, Pat Boone, Chad Allan And The Expressions-Guess Who, Jack Jones, Paul Revere And The Raiders, Boss Barracuda, The Super Stocks, One-Piece Topless Bathing Suit, Phil Sloan And Steve Barri, Lan-Cet Records, Gary Paxton, Kim Fowley, Kokomo, SUMMER IN PARADISE


The T-Bones, Martin Denny, Joe Saraceno


Dickie Podolor, Radio Records, American Recording Co., Bruce Johnston, Sandy Nelson, Arnie Ginsburg, Terry Melcher, The Rituals, Richie Allen And The Pacific Surfers, GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW, The Renegades, The Frogmen, Kim Fowley, The Hollywood Argyles, Teddie Neeley, Beach Boys, Kip Tyler, Nick Venet, Mike Curb, THE WILD ANGELS, Donovan, The Monkees, SKATERDATER, Carol Connors, Marshall Lieb, Dick Dale


The Videls, Peter Anders, Morty Craft, Snuff Garrett, Phil Spector, The Trade Winds, Doc Pomus, Red Bird Records, Kama Sutra Records, Don Ciccone, The Critters, Vince Edwards, The Innocence, Artie Ripp, The Mulberry Fruit Band, Richard Perry, Bobby Bloom, Anders ‘n’ Poncia


Davey Summers, Dancer Prancer And Nervous, Capitol Records, Candix Enterprises, Joe Saraceno, The Frogmen, Russ Regan And The Rowdies, Brian Wilson-Good Vibrations, Gary Usher And The Usherettes, The Baggys, Gene Weed, Murry Wilson, Beach Boys


Beach Boys, Tony And Joe, Mike Gordon, Scott Engel, The Frogmen, Candix Enterprises, The Ventures, The T-Bones, The Denels, Union Records, Damark Records, The Tri-Five, The Mar-Kets-Marketts, Dick Glasser, Batman, The Routers, SURF PARTY, The Vulcanes, The Marketts/New Marketts-World Pacific-Uni-Calliope-Seminole-Farr record labels, SURFIN’ ROOTS, Song From M*A*S*H, Davey Summers, Annette Funicello, Danny Welton, Ben Benay, The Sunshine Company, Ava Records, Transcontinental Enterprises (Transcon), Kenny Nolan, Gary Paxton, Lord Douglas Byron, Doug Salma, Pat & Lolly Vegas, Jack Nitzsche, Ray Pohlman, Outer Limits-Out Of Limits, The Pyramids, “Rally-Packs”-Jan And Dean-Bucket Seats


Tony Savonne, The Rendezvous Surfers, Lanny Duncan, Phil Spector, Ernie Freeman, Mike Gordon, Russ Regan, John Blore, Bill Angel, Vaughn Monroe, The Surfer’s, Jim Mitchum, Jerry Riopelle, Ramona King, The Baggys, Ava Records, Annette Funicello, Terry Furlong, Bob Field, Frank Perry, The Sunshine Company, The Marketts-World Pacific Records, Dave Pell, Jan Davis And The Routers, Joe Barille, Tony And Joe, The Du-Kanes, Rene Hall-Nut Rocker, B. Bumble And The Stingers-Jack B. Nimble And The Quicks, The Frogmen


American International Records (AIR)-American International Pictures (AIP), Jimmie Maddin, Lu Ann Simms, Guy Hemric, Jerry Styner, HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI, Dick Dale, Beach Boys-Brian Wilson, Gary Usher, MUSCLE BEACH PARTY, The Al Simms Quartet, RIP Records, Kim Fowley, The Renegades, GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW, Domenic Frontiere, Les Baxter, Candy Johnson


FLIPPIN’ EP, Jack Hoffman, Enith Records, Dale Hawkins-Suzie Q, Bumps Blackwell, Keen Records, American International Pictures, World Pacific Records, “Tony Cost”, Carl Reiner-Mel Brooks-2000 YEAR OLD MAN, Lord Buckley, Imperial Records, Liberty Records, The Hollywood Vines, Lou Rawls, Ben-Ven Productions, Brian Wilson, Gary Usher, Mike Curb, Ava Records, Fred Astaire, The Renegades, The Gamblers, Beach Boys, Bob Norberg, The Honeys, Linda Ronstadt, Merry Clayton, Shel Talmy, Derry Weaver, Ronny And The Daytonas, John Buck Wilkin, Zenith-Enith-Jack Hoffman, Felix Garcia


Jan Berry, Dean Torrence, The Matadors, Vic Diaz, Don Altfeld, Ava Records, The Ragamuffins, Our Gang, Summertime Summertime, Jan & Dean, Dick And Dee Dee, The Group, Ken Handler, Canterbury Records, Yellow Balloon-The Yellow Balloon, Yodar Critch, Don Grady, Jill Gibson, The Mamas And The Papas, Mama Jill, The Visions, The Looking Glass, The Fun And Games, Zax-Altfeld, Uni Records, The Clique, Ben Benay, Jimmie Haskell, Gulf-Pacific Industries, The Grass Roots, Young Stuff


The Smooth Shavers, The Eligibles, Capitol Records, Mercury Records, The Zip-Codes, The Eliminators, SHUT DOWN, Tommy Allsup, Buzz Cason, Bobby Vee, Gary Paxton, Snuff Garrett, Nick Venet, Shindig!, The Wellingtons, Country America, Mike Curb, The Hondells, The Good Four Tunes, The Four Winds, The Buddies, DR. GOLDFOOT films, Jerry Styner, Guy Hemric, BEACH BLANKET BINGO, HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI, THE LITTLE MERMAID, Gene Morford, REDLINE 7000, Carol Connors, Yellow Balloon-The Yellow Balloon, Gary Zekley, Gary Lewis And The Playboys, Ron Hicklin, The In Crowd, Eternal Flame, Beatrice Kaye, Ronnie Deauville, Sonny James, Gaye Merritt

This book is also the second in the “PRINT YOUR OWN BOOK” series.

You will receive an unlocked PDF, presented in book form.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy my new offering.



*** CANDIX RECORDS *** THE CANDIX STORY “Hollywood Hits And Misses”



or use the direct URL of:


The book is 600 PAGES and includes OVER 2000 IMAGES (labels, photos, etc.) in colour and black and white, plus full annotated discographies of Candix (singles and matrix-master), Union, and Top Ten, Inc. record labels with images.

THE CANDIX STORY is an attempt to document and chronicle as many facts about Candix Enterprises, Inc., primarily a record label that operated in Los Angeles, California for essentially two years, from September 1960 to September 1962.

This book is an attempt to document and chronicle as many facts about the label itself, the individuals primarily involved and in some cases their associates, together with the artists, the recordings and the singles issued, as thoroughly as the now known facts will allow.

However, many of the questions posed and/or referred to in this book will never be answered because all those involved are no longer with us.

THE CANDIX STORY is also a book about the early Los Angeles music industry and many of the individuals who were instrumental in its development.

It is also a story of the “Birth of the Beach Boys” whose Candix single was their first release.

The machinations involved in getting this single recorded, released and distributed are documented in great detail (over a 100 pages) with much previously unavailable (and CORRECTED) material.

But most of all, this is a book about people … talented individuals who did what they did to get to where they ended up in the music business; much of which impacted on and was impacted by their involvement with Candix Enterprises, Inc.

In telling this tale, many byways will be explored to provide you with most likely more information than you expected to find in a book about the CANDIX record label.

These “divergences” have been made in order to document many elements of the early Los Angeles music industry previously bypassed or treated cavalierly by others.

If you want to know the FACTS about groups such as the Frogmen, the Moongooners, the Beach Boys, the Mar-kets, the Routers and recording artists such as Lanny Duncan, David Box, Dean Beard, Theola Kilgore, Lou Rawls, Don & Marty, Tony & Joe, etc., etc., then this is the book for you.

There is no other.

A full list of the contents of this book can be found on this website; simply scroll back.

  This is also the first of the PRINT YOUR OWN BOOK series.

There is no lock on the contents.

Therefore, in order to save YOU postage and printing costs (in excess of $100), you can download this book and print your own copy.

I am providing this in good faith and hope that this generosity is not something that will be taken advantage of.

The contents are copyrighted, but available for you to download for your own convenience and enjoyment.

This is also a work in progress.

This in EDITION 1.

Additional editions will be published if and when more information becomes available.

Anyone who purchases one edition and would like the latest edition will be sent a promo code (upon request) to download the latest edition at no cost.


Well, the book is now completed.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions which in the majority will remain unanswered because those who could provide the answers are no longer with us.

The book is now 600 PAGES.

Although finished, I have decided to wait publishing it as there is one particular item I would like to see first hand before I finally put the book up at payhip.com. 

If I can not locate the item, I will put the book up and when and/or if I do find the item, I will add it to the book and relaunch it as EDITION 2.

Likewise, all additions and corrections will be added to the book and the revised editions republished with appropriate edition numbers.

Any additions and/or corrections will also be featured here for those who have already purchased copies of the book.

However, those wishing to have the latest edition who have purchased earlier editions can contact me and I will provide the necessary code for you to download the latest edition for FREE.


THE BOOK is  600 pages with THOUSANDS of photos and record labels and is now available as an E-book.

Price is $US8.95.

Here’s the direct URL to download a copy: